We are a club formed to stimulate interest and provide resources at a reasonable cost to adults in the knowledge and operation of computers and to help people experience a new challenge and develop skills needed to enter the computerized world.

The club operates and supervises the computer equipment provided.

By joining this group of people interested in enhancing their knowledge of computers and furthering their technical abilities you will keep your mind flexible and active.


In June 1991 eleven people met to discuss ways of starting computer classes for seniors.  The first computer class was held in March 1992.  All computers were donated at the time.  The 1st official meeting of the club was September 1992.

The Club has an Executive Committee made up of officers and committee chairmen.  The officers are elected for one-year terms every November.



Meetings are held quarterly the 4th Monday of month at 1:00pm in Meeting Room 3 of the Community/Senior Center.

Speakers give a presentation on different subjects.  Check the wsccc.com to see who the speaker will be and the subject.  We do not have a speaker then we have Question & Answer.  Question may be ask about your computer anytime during the meeting.  Non –members are always welcome.


WWW.WSCCC.COM for our web site about the


You can be an Executive Committee Board Member, President, vice President, Publicity, Treasurer, Membership, Web Site.   A teacher,  for IPOD, IPAD, Computers.   Design the Web with Tim, all you need to be is a board member.


Classes will be offered as soon as we get an educational officer .  Classes are offered on an ongoing basis depending on the availability of volunteer instructors and the interested generated.  We offer classes in Windows Operating Systems, word processing, spreadsheet applications and Internet use.



Woodland Senior Center Computer Club Lab.

Friday Noon to 3 p.m.

Duty schedule outside of door.

Tim Errington,   Shirley Leeper

Closed when senior center is closed

If you have a laptop bring it with you.